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The ideal weather conditions at our base in Kissimmee, Florida, serve as an absolute advantage to expeditiously fulfill your flight hours.Time Building offers students the opportunity to build flight hours in Florida. Students can indulge themselves with our beautiful views, and fly from one sunny city to another with no delay!

Choosing from our wide variety of fleet, you also have the opportunity to create your individualized schedule. The Florida climate gives students the possibility to fly 365 days a year.


If you hold a foreign Pilot’s License then we can help you with the FAA conversion



Cessna 150


Time Building

All our aircraft are available for flight training and student time building. All aircraft are rented at a wet rate. This means the fuel is included in the price.

We focus on safety. Our planes undergo regular inspections, and our trusted FAA-certified A&P Mechanics perform the maintenance. You are in great hands!

Pick a base and start flying!
Build your flight hours at Orlando Flight School, with the best offers on rentals. With our exquisite base in Kissimmee, you have the opportunity to experience exceptional views in different cities, while building your hours. Take on this adventure with us.

Exciting offers on Time Building packages to ensure pilot students build required hours expeditiously with iconic views and experiences.


Before Flight Reliability

Once you have Completed the IACRA registration, you will have a flight review with our chief Instructor to demonstrate your skills both in flight and ground. The minimum requirements are 1 hr of ground and 3 hours of flight, but it could differ depending on your proficiency.  You will be taught about our different airspaces, weather, airports and much more….

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