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Mertize is a financial firm that provides student loans for professional pilot training programs like PPL. IR, CPL, CFI, CFII, CFII and MEI. Meritize provides a true education loan that offer students full deferment while in training:

* You don’t do any payments until you complete your CFI License
* Students are required to be at the flight school at least 4 times a week.
* 10,15- or 20-years repayment terms
* No impact on your credit score to apply and check for approval and loan

Stratus Financial Program
Stratus Financial is on a mission to help aspiring pilots like you achieve your flight dreams as swiftly as possible through our hassle-free funding.

* Turn your passion into a career.
* Get the financial help you need to pursue your aviation dreams.
* Work with a company that understands the aviation industry best.

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