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We are a flight school located in Central Florida, dedicated to providing excellence and quality. We have the experience to cover your training needs, and we provide you with the best learning environment so that you can meet your aviation dreams. We have a quality team of administrative staff, instructors, maintenance personnel, and a well maintained air fleet at your service, setting us apart in the in the aviation training community. We invite you to join us and become a part of the Orlando Flight School family!


ALL Experience

We would love to assist you in completing your flight training with the highest standards in the industry, our coursework and facilities offer the best flight training experience in central Florida.

As a part 61 school, we operate more like a trade school than a college/university (141 school). This means that instead of us as a school creating schedules and establishing lesson times, you will be the one to set up your lessons. You will meet with your CFI, explain what dates you’d like to have class, meet on said date and have class, then afterwards we charge you for the specific class you had.

Our school is a “Learn as you go, pay as you go” experience, meaning that there is no set tuition price. 

All our instructors are passionate about what they do and are dedicated towards giving you an excellent educational experience. We offer both ground school and flight lessons, meaning that you will have our facilities and services available to help prepare you for your written exams, oral exams, and check rides for whichever ratings you wish to pursue.

OFS Team
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