You want to live the best experience of your life above the clouds?

You want to live the best experience of your life above the clouds? we make it possible. sign up now

Do you want to live the best experience of your life above the clouds? we make it possible.

Discovery Flight


The first step to beginning flight training at our pilot school is to take a quick, simple first flight. We call it a Discovery Flight so you can get a full feel for how the average flight training lesson feels. Aviation is a fun and exciting career, we achieve success with our highly qualified professional staff. This is why we invite you to be part of this adventure with us.



A private pilot license (PPL) allows a person to operate an aircraft in visual flight conditions during daylight hours as well as at night, and allows a person to carry passengers, so long as the pilot does not operate for hire and is not paid for the service.


The FAA Instrument Rating is an add-on rating to a pilot’s already existing private pilot license of commercial pilot license. This rating allows pilots to fly in weather conditions that are characterized as being below visual flight conditions established by the FAA.


The FAA Commercial License (CML) is one of the final steps on a student path to becoming a professional aviator. While this license does not yet allow a person to become an airline pilot, it allows the pilot to be paid for their service.


At Orlando Flight School we are passionate about having the best teams to provide you with unique flight experiences like you; That is why our large fleet of aircraft allows us to provide flight experiences in different real scenarios in which dynamism and professionalism stand out with our professional flight instructors.

Do not wait any longer and come to be part of being one of our PROFESSIONAL PILOTS.


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04:39 01 Nov 22
Everyone was great, from the moment I got in contact with them they were very friendly and professional. I did a discovery flight and my instructor was really great, he answered all of my questions and was really approachable. I enjoyed the experience a lot.
Jörg HermannJörg Hermann
16:25 17 Oct 22
A perfect experience from the first day to the last. The owner JP went out of his way to make my plans come true. The CFIs were friendly and resourceful. The planes are in good shape. The organisation is swift. The flying environment of KORL is demanding, if you learn to fly here, you're gonna fly anyplace and be at ease.
Jesse IJesse I
20:06 21 Jul 22
I have been training for my career as a professional and commercial aviator for six years with time building and college. This is by far the best Flight School I’ve been to. With a constant motivation from my instructor Gabriel, And the kind hearted family environment from the staff that work there thatprovide not only guidance, but professionalism in an industry that is very demanding, I truly believe this is the best Orlando has to offer. I just passed my instrument check-ride, and will be getting my commercial, multi, CFI here as well. It is difficult to find a school that is student oriented and not looking to drain your bank account. If you’re interested in getting your private certificate or want to climb your way to the airline industry, Orlando Flight School is where you need to be.
Sohail ToorSohail Toor
20:12 03 Jul 22
I have recently acquired my CFI-A license from Orlando Flight School and my experience with them has been phenomenal. I have gained a lot of exposure just from training here at Orlando Executive airport. In the beginning, I didn't have a direction of where to begin but Joe, who is also an instructor at the school, put me in the right direction through excellent examples after which I was able to create my lesson plans. Unfortunately, I had to switch instructors throughout my training since two of the instructors I trained with had moved on to the airlines. Fortunately, the school isn't short of instructors and I had immediately started flying with Emmanuel, who eventually signed me off for the check-ride. Personally, I thought of it as a privilege to gain the perspective of each instructor from a teaching point-of-view.Other than that, you can easily tell how the airplanes are kept well-maintained. The school is in a constant growing stage with construction of new classrooms and hiring new instructors, as well as students. Hopefully, I will get the privilege to be part of the team now that I have become a CFI. 😃
Rahul ParikhRahul Parikh
14:26 18 Jun 22
Cannot say enough good things about the instructors here and the owner JP. Joe was my instructor and he could not have prepared me any better for my PPL license checkride. I can say that these guys have become like family to me. They are safety oriented, skilled, and do not cut any corners when it comes to instructing students and keeping their aircraft well maintained. Highly highly recommended! Best flight school in Orlando!